Friday, July 15, 2011

The Hunger. Part 1

Sabrina was crying again. Dear God I loved her with every inch, every minuscule part of me. But I couldn’t admit my addiction to her. She could never understand why I had to leave on these nights and why I had to do the unthinkable.

As I left I brushed the back of my hand to her cheek. She snarled from the floor, the misdirected anger burned in her eyes.

“I’ll find the whore and I’ll kill her! Mike I’ll kill her.”

I shut the door which muted her screams behind me.

If only it was that easy Sabrina, sweet feisty Sabrina.

Down the stairs and out the door the unnatural humidity and musk of downtown greeted me. Its pungent odor reminded me this was home. Looking up at the city lights the hunger inside me burned stronger with every breath. The inner city night sky glowed orange but even without sight of the moon I knew the time was near.

A few blocks away from Second Street she caught my eye. One of the yuppies from the new sky-rises was headed for Station Park. Starting what I assumed to be a nightly jog for her. Keeping my distance I allowed her to slip into the darkness out of my sight. I knew her fate was sealed as I felt the beast begin to take over.

My blood pumped hot. My pores ripped as did my clothes when thick black hair sprouted from my flesh. My joints bent unholy and in human. My erection exemplified the pain and pleasure I felt. I gave myself to it and the beast took over.

Plunging into the darkness it picked up her scent instantly. Its breaths were deep and quick as new muscles worked effortlessly to pursue. Although huge the padded paws made little noise on the concrete path to alert its prey. Its movement’s never becoming audible until just before the prey turned to see a shadow lunge from the darkness.

Under the tree lined and moon lit path a neck snapped. Rubbery and warm wet meat was torn and gulped in quenching ecstasy.

The creature stopped and looked the direction of a noise. Its eyes glowed reflecting the little light that shown on the path. It was the sound of a car parking while “Love Cats” blared from its speakers. Somewhere inside the creature its host thought about the song, about it being the best of the summer. In a brief lucid moment the host persuaded the creature all was safe and to get back to satisfying their mutual hunger.

The city has many beasts that come out at night. On the street the car radio played. People argued and horns beeped. The sound of the ravenous feeding blended in unnoticeable.


  1. Well done! I don't read as often as I would like, so it was very nice to be able to get something like this to chew on, as it were. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Awesome work ^_^

    Find the whore and kill her!