Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Hunger. Part 2

It had been three years since that night, the last time she saw Mike. She remembered spending most of that night in tears on the floor right where he had left her. She remembered being so angry, first at the other woman or women. Then at Mike, then some time in the early morning hours she realized who she was really angry at, herself.

She thought about how that night was supposed to be special. She would tell him the big news and things would be different, he would quit going out. Her plan had made sense somehow back then. Knowing how naive she had been a smile formed on Sabrina’s face and at the same time her eyes welled with tears.

Sitting there and holding her sleeping son she rested her cheek on the top of his head. With each breath she took his pure scent in. It comforted her; it reminded her she did the right thing running out that night. It also made her happy she never got a chance to tell Mike about his son; as far as she was concerned he hadn’t deserved to know.

Sabrina sat there holding her boy and staring out her bedroom window. The night sky was orange as it always was. She looked out at it and hoped she would be strong enough. Strong enough to raise this boy alone and strong enough to deal with his issues.


  1. Thanks for the post. I see a lot of people doing flash fiction and I wonder whether I should be doing it as well. I have one novel and am awaiting the edits on the sequel. In the meantime, I am writing only articles for a mag I write for and posts.
    This was a very inspiring piece. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Flash fun. It’s something I like to do while working on other things. If I feel burnt out, sometimes doing a little flash pieces gets me going again.