Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Lately I was thinking I must be getting old. I have been repeating myself telling the same old stories and same old jokes.
Then yesterday I was in the shower and while trying to scrub my back my fingertips found a slit. Unsure of what I was feeling I allowed my fingers to explore and slip deeper in, until I could reach no more. In the damp warmth I found something hard attached to what felt like wire. I pulled what felt foreign out of the slit and let it drop.
 With the shower still running I stepped out to see what was hanging from my back. In the bathroom mirror I saw a plastic cylinder with rusted batteries attached to two wires hanging from the slit.
 I changed the batteries and since have felt much better. 

Copyright S Williams 2013

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  1. Swollen ! Its good to see you are still kicking out little gems !

    Mistress Of Horror ☠