Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cool News

Tales from the Swollen Corpse is free this weekend on Amazon.

Also I went to Wonder Con today with the fam and had a great time. Saw a horror comic panel with Mike Mignola, Joe Hill and a few others including the author of The Goon. Got to ask Mike Mignola a question about The Crooked Man, one of the IMO best Hell boy books. It occurred to me, Lock and Key is one of my favorite comics and I never noticed the author was King’s son. Who by the way was a very nice guy and was kind enough to take a pic with me.

Speaking of King, a friend  recently stayed at the infamous Stanley Hotel and brought “Tales…” with him. It was flattering to think of my book traveling around and visiting such an iconic location, wish I could have gone.

Thanks GS


  1. Hi, I talked to you at Wondercon. I was selling my book, Mama. My name is Robin Reed but I write horror as Robin Morris.

  2. Hi Robin.
    I remember, I was looking at the LA conference info last night. I haven’t had the chance to download Momma yet but plan to. It sounds right up my alley.