Monday, November 7, 2011

The Hunger part 3.

It’s been fifteen years since uncle Frank found me. He had brought with him hate and misery. He had took my mother forever and for a shorter time he took me. I think he would have liked to believe he was doing me a favor.  Me and him, we both know that’s bull shit. That’s why fifteen years later I am on a desert highway ten miles out of Needles NV. That’s why I am looking for him now and I am going to kill the bastard.

Weak and tired Sabrina put the key into the lock . She hoped things would get better, she hoped one day she would be able to raise her son free and clear. No more overdue bills, no more creditors calling all hours. When she opened the door all her worries were swept away and replaced by fear. A man was in her living room.
“Who are you? Where’s my son! Where’s Janice!”
Midsentence Sabrina saw Janice’s feet poking out from beyond the couch. The stranger had her pinned against the wall before she could scream.
“Please, where is my son?”
 She looked over her attackers face for a clue to his intentions. He had a shaggy coal black beard and blacker sunken eyes, his canine teeth protruded like an animal. 
 “Ahhhh.  Oh the boy is just fine, now. He is about to have dinner. He has suffered malnutrition so far as I can see.” he said with a whisper.
A scream came from the only bedroom. A tone Sabrina knew well. It was Henry the  man that did the basic maintenance for the building. Then behind the scream came another sound. It was a deep growl and it was terrible and yet familiar.

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  1. Now I have to go back and catch up on the story! I'm guessing the growl came from her son.

    I gave you a blog award today. Stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.