Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coffin Hop 2011 is underway!

Have fun counting down to Halloween, discover great sites and have a chance to win prizes! Go to for details and the participating site list.
The TSC Coffin Hop contest:
Halloween is undisputedly the horror fan’s favorite time of year.  I would like to write a homage piece of flash fiction to my favorite holiday and want your help.  

I’ll start the piece and take submissions to finish it. I’ll take submissions (one paragraph at a time) by email and will post what I consider the best. Depending on submissions I will try and post quickly with hopes to finish on Halloween.  Check back each day to see where the story goes and submit as often as you want.
Entries will be judged on pacing (keep in mind it’s flash and the end date), style, and originality/content while keeping to the theme. Winners will receive a True Blood bag, trucked back from the 2010 San Diego Comic-con it’s filled with some pretty cool schwag: book, post cards, t shrit, and more.

Here's the start: Contest Link. Email your entries to swollenguy at yahoo . com. Check back each day to see where the story is going and resubmit as much as you can.

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