Friday, October 29, 2010

The Forgotten part 2

Not able to get Maggie to talk about what had her so upset, Jean's thoughts moved to the house. She liked the house; it was in their price range and had the room they needed. On the way home she made up her mind that she wanted John to see it. Calling on her cell, she set up an appointment for him to view it.
The next day John saw it on his lunch break. He liked it well enough but wasn’t enthusiastic about it. He decided they would offer a little below asking. If their offer was accepted it would be a bargain, if it wasn’t he wouldn’t lose any sleep. Thinking they should have been more aggressive, Jean wasn’t happy with John’s plan. The day after they made an offer, they received an acceptance. Both were pleasantly shocked.
Moving day came and went without issue. Before she would go back into the house, Maggie had to be bribed with the promise of a trip to the dog pound. Inside the feelings of panic didn’t come back. Digging into her boxes of toys made the new place exciting again. Maggie adjusted to the new house quickly. Jean got settled in as well but started to have some sleepless nights. 
Eyes opening, something was odd. She was in the kitchen but too short to see the counter tops. The house was quiet, where was everyone?  Going into the dining room her glass table was gone, replaced by a dark wooden one. The hardwood flooring was now shag carpet; it felt odd on her little toes. Sitting In the middle of the living room was a hospital bed and various pieces of medical equipment. She could hear a weak breathing from the bed and could see a face. It was an old man with oxygen tubes coming out of his nose. He looked to be sleeping. She had never seen him but felt loving towards him. Jean reached out a little hand that wasn’t hers to touch his face. Someone screamed from behind her, “What are you doing!”  It was a woman; her tone was wretched and hateful. The voice filled her with a fear she had never known and yet expected.  Hands grabbed her arms from behind; Jean sat up in bed. Her heart was beating so hard she felt it in her temples.
At breakfast she was still thinking about the dream. The voice was in her head, it bothered her deeply.  Trying to shake it off, she looked to Maggie. Jean told Maggie it was Saturday and asked her what she would like to do. “I am done.” Maggie pushed the cereal bowl away. “Can I go play in my room?” She said ignoring her mom’s question. Jean thought it was an odd request. After making sure she didn’t want to go to the park, she excused the little girl to go play.
John was at work and Maggie was off to her room, Jean was left by herself. She decided to put away the last of the odds and ends. After a few minutes she went to take a box to her bedroom and check in on Maggie. Poking her head in, she saw Maggie sitting in the middle of the floor with her back to the door. Maggie had her teddy bear by her and another stuffed animal in front of her off to the side. She seemed to be talking to the toy. “Hey sweetie, are you having fun?” Jean asked. Maggie’s face turned to concern. The little girl bent to the side as if watching to see where something was going. “Yes mom.” She said without turning. While leaving to go to the master bedroom, Jean heard her daughter whisper: “it’s ok, you can come back now.”

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