Friday, October 15, 2010

An empty space

Ernie knew the moment he saw her from across the bar, that she was the one. Her beautiful blonde hair, those big blue eyes, she had it. Not just her striking looks, she had it. She had it. She had that special something which could fill the void within him.
So many years he had looked for her, so many years he had longed. Since he was just a boy, he was aware of an empty space that needed to be filled. Ernie sipped his beer then snuck another glance.  She caught him this time and graced him with a quick smile.  That lovely smile he thought, it had to be her.
He made his way over to her and said hi, she didn’t seem surprised. Ernie wondered; maybe she felt it too. The truth was she had seen him looking at her all night and expected the visit. With approval he took the seat next to her. To their mutual delight they hit it off fantastically.
They enjoyed conversation, wine, and dance. Her name was Joni. After last call Joni invited Ernie back to her place.   He was so happy he felt like he was floating. Not only had he found her but things were going so incredible.
Back at Joni’s place the new acquaintances wasted no time. Joni locked the door, and then jumped into Ernie’s arms. “I really like you; I hope you’re not after just one thing.” She said gazing into Ernie’s eyes.  “I really like you too but I am after just one thing.” Ernie replied softly. Her gaze turned pouty. “Oh not sex, I am interested in your soul.” He said as he brushed her cheek with his fingertips. She smiled that lovely smile.

Ernie smiled back as he unsheathed the hunting knife he’d been concealing. “I think yours should fit perfectly.” He told her. Her smile turned to concern. “I was born without a soul but you’ve always had yours, it’s not fare” He griped her tightly with one arm. Joni tried to push away but it was too late. Ernie plunged the blade into her side twisting it as he did. “I have tried others. But they’re not the right shape, they have to be the right shape to fit.” he laid her gently down as she drifted off.
Ernie flipped Joni over. He had done this hundreds of times. He knew just were to find what he was looking for. Cutting the soft spot in the base of her skull, he reached two fingers in. With some concentration; he retrieved a shimmering dark blue mass, the size of a box of matches.
Ernie examined the shape of the little treasure in his hand. He clinched Joni’s soul and held it to his chest. “It will fit, it will!” he whispered as tears ran down his face.

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